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Find the perfect house! in the Lake Garda area

Buying and selling real estate properties

We guarantee full support and assistance for any request. We ensure the promptness and profitable success of every operation relating to the real estate market; for residential, commercial and industrial buildings or investments. We have a network of correpsondents and colleagues in Italy and abroad.


We manage rental holiday or residential properties for our customers by selecting the best proposals we receive in order to ensure owners safe and problem-free earnings.

Loans and Mortgages

The agreements signed by our company and FIAIP with the most important banking institutions of Italy enable us to provide adequate consultation in this specific area and to ensure extremely favorable terms, which you would not be able to find on your own.

Building management consultation

Our offices are available to offer you fiscal and administrative advice, even concerning our securities. We can estimate your property. We are also able to professionally manage your condominiums or residential buildings at competitive rates. Furthermore, you can always count on qualified personnel to find a solution to any type of maintenance issue.

Restoration and maintenance

We can provide any service relating to the partial or total restoration of your property, or to the need to modernize your installations so that they can comply with the current laws and regulations, but also to the study and designs of any solution that is in line with the local regulations; thanks to our business relationship with well-established professional studios.


Our experience allows us to professionally manage the buying and selling of property, hotel or commercial building rentals (shops, bars, restaurants, etc.) by taking care of all the administrative issues involved.